KMJ Jazz Company

My Name is Kathryn Mowat Murphy and I am the Artistic Director of the KMJ Jazz Co. in association with Campaneria Ballet School.  I am honored to have this opportunity to be a part of Campaneria Ballet School and work along side of Master Ballet Teacher/Coach/Choreographer Miguel Campaneria 

 My intentions for the KMJ Jazz Co. are to provide a fun, safe, professional learning environment and create new works with the dancers who are a part of the company.  My goals are to expose dancers to as many styles and techniques as possible to prepare the dancer to work within the dance world if they chose.  I would like to create many performance opportunities on stage, under lights, and in front of an audience.  This is when the stakes are raised and the dancer learns how to be their best in the moment. 

With the help of the choreographers we will create a pool of dancers who will be as strong in technique as they are in style and artistry.  The experience will be studio to stage.  The dancers will learn to work together as an ensemble which will enhance their community skills and prepare them for life to come no matter what avenue they choose to explore.